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We Will Teach You How To Build & Scale Your Profitable Digital Business Today. 

So you can get more time, freedom, consults & sales in your life when you build your business the right way!
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Bruce + Ruthie Chant

Digital Strategist + Automation Expert
It was the need to create a second income when Ruthie went on maternity leave that sent us down this road over 10 years ago. And the things we've learned and applied in from that time until now continue to provide us with an income (and more than one!).

Since that time Bruce has launched a successful digital marketing business, had it acquired by a public company, joined one of Australia's most awarded digital agencies as Account Director, founded a boutique SEO agency and more.

ALL this experience is available for your benefit. We see the changing face of online business and see the opportunities that are there to be taken advantage of.

If you know where to look and how 
to go about it. 

Our Programs

Lead Team Academy
Get behind the scenes digital marketing training and learn the secrets to building your profitable online business.
Digital Business Bootcamp
In 7 days we walk you through from idea to execution. Be your own boss and start your profitable online business. 
 1 Hour SEO Course
Learn the best kept secret to getting your site seen by clients. Bruce shares his strategy form making millions
Build Your Profitable Digital Business Today
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